(27 October 2011)

Gabby (6 Weeks - Dec '12)

Gabby (6 weeks, Dec '11) & Rosie (Born '03)




"Hey Wilson - Joanne doesn't understand "

When are we going to the park?

We're going to the park!




The Park - Troy MIchigan's Schroeder Park - 8:30 on a Sunday morning in January. It is +2F with fifteen dogs and owners. PJ and Rosie come home and sleep for a next three days. Gabby will run with the other dogs forever, her tongue hanging further and furhter out of her mouth. We know when it's time to come home when her tonge reaches 8 inches.

Bo (Nov '95 - June '04) ...................PJ (Sept '04- Feb '11)

Rosie (April '03- July '15)


Sadly we lost PJ to canine osteosarcoma in February 2011. She was 6 years 5 months old. It is a difficult time for everyone when a dog is lost, especially when she was with us for such a short time. She was a very happy part of our lives and leaves a huge hole. She will always be in our thoughts.

Rosie, severe hip dysplasia and all, went on to live to the ripe old age of 12 years, 3 months old. Maybe it was moble and fiesty and continued to rule over Gabby right up to the end. She, like PJ and Bo before her, were wonderful parts of our lives.