LEG 6: Tue-Fri 16-19July -- Baker Lake to Pickle Lake, Wisconsin and Annapolis

Fueling at Baker Lake.
Hudson Bay
Caribou streaming across the tundra. Orin Durey had warned us about flying too close, freaking out the animals causing some of them to break their legs when fleeing Beluga whales


The government had tried to build a grain shipping center that hasn't worked. Too much ice

Threading through showers over N'ern Ontario.
Finally across the boarder at Duluth and into Wisconsin. I had to include a picture of my hometown harbor, Racine, Wisconsin.
The Allegheny mountains. It's been a long time since they have seen any ice. Home after 6,000 miles and we never used the gun on bears or each other. All that stuff and we never were over gross.
In the middle of nowhere.