(13 September 2004 - 12 February 2011)


PJ came from Ferromont Newfoundlands. We cannot say enough good things about Lynne Rutenberg. She is a wonderful person who cares about her newfs, their pups and their new parents. She is meticulous about avoiding congenital problems in her Newfoundlands, the care and health of her newborn puppies and ensuring that they go to safe and loving homes. Since picking up our PJ, Lynne has been a constant source of information and encouragement. And - Marty is very nice too. Thank you Lynne and Marty.

Lynne Rutenberg
e-mail: ferromont@nac.net

58 Wintermute Road
Newton, NJ 07860
(973) 579-0196

PJ - 3 mos old - 25 lbs (Jan 05)

At four months PJ seems to be acting average - which is somewhere between the first and second picture. Counter surfing and chewing are her main focuses. Sometimes we think we see hints of the quiet and composed moments to come. (Ya right - dream on.....)


Joanne & PJ (6 months old - 81 lbs)

7 months old - 87 lbs (Apr 05)

Rosie (Born 18 Apr 2003)


"Hey Wilson - Joanne doesn't understand "

Rosie's Perferred Position

Halloween 2009 - The Body Snatchers

PJ at 1 year-old and 100 lbs with her new roommate Rosie

At the end of PJ's first year we were talked into adopting a 2 1/2 year-old rescue, Rosie. Unhappily Rosie has pretty bad hips, but, at only 85 lbs, we're hoping she will keep the energy she has now for a long time. Having two dogs spending the day together has proved to lessen the workload. After a very short adjustment, they are spending the day wearing each other out then napping. PJ has even quit counter surfing.

(Nov 05)

(Feb 06)

Sadly we lost PJ to canine osteosarcoma in February 2011. She was 6 years 5 months old. It is a difficult time for everyone when a dog is lost, especially when she was with us for such a short time. She will always be in our thoughts.

Rosie, severe hip dysplasia and all, went on to live to the ripe old age of 12 years, 3 months old. She remained mobile and fiesty and continued to rule over PJ, then Gabby, right up to the end. She, along with Bo, PJ and Gabby added so much to our lives.